Master Lash Stylist, Certified Educator, and                              Mentor

DeLayne Ayers

 DeLayne Ayers is owner/founder of The Glam Experience. DeLayne is a lifelong learner who loves to share her knowledge and experience with others. After working in the medical field for thirteen years, she continued to yearn for the fulfillment of working as a professional in the beauty industry. After becoming a licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist, she continued her quest for excellence in the field by becoming a Medical Esthetician in Chicago. While doing makeup services, DeLayne began helping her clients learn how to properly care for their skin without being dependent on makeup to cover flaws.​ Her clients also wanted to know how they could maintain their false lashes. Research introduced DeLayne to Xtreme Lashes, the premier brand in eyelash extensions. She trained with the company, eventually earning status as a Advanced Certified Corporate Lash Stylist and Educator.  DeLayne became a part of an elite group of trainers for Xtreme Lashes.  She traveled all over the U.S and Canada, teaching other beauty professionals the art of eyelash extensions for 7 years. Working in the field of Esthetics has brought DeLayne the opportunity to bring together all of her prior experiences, preparation and passions.  In 2018  DeLayne decided to leave Xtreme to focus on her next chapter. Her current focus  is  providing each of her guests a VIP experience.




Welcome to the Glam Experience, Ann Arbor Michigan's Luxury  Lash Studio. We offer a relaxing atmosphere so our VIP clients can quickly relax into a lash nap while listening to soft music in the background, and wake up later with perfectly placed lash extensions. We specialize in caring for the integrity and health of your natural lashes.