Classic Glam 


Signature Glam           (Hybrid)              2hrs 45 mins 

Volume Glam 3hrs 30Min

This natural full set will leave you with fuller,darker, longer, lashes that are darker in the lash line giving the appearance of great mascara. 1 extension is applied to 1 natural lash giving a natural appearance. Lashes will appear as though you are wearing really good mascara.



Full Set $250

Refill: 1hr $85

90 Min. $105


This is our most popular set.A mix of classic and our signature technique with a twist. 1-3 extensions are applied safely to 1 natural lash, giving more volume and darkness to the lash line, which looks like instant mascara and eyeliner.Their is no need for makeup on the top lash line,you can just get up and Go!

Full Set $275

Touch Up's:

1hr $100

90 Min. $120

4 or more extensions are applied safely to 1 natural lash giving the most volume to the lash line creating a very dramatic look. The lash line will be completely dark. Client must have healthy natural lashes. 






  Full Set $325

  Touch Up's:         

  1hr $125

  90min. $145

Lash Lift

Long Lashes

Give your lashes a makeover by adding an instant lift and curl. Your lashes will be lifted to a dramatic semi permanent curl.

Want to create more drama? Add a tint to your lashes to give your them more darkness. This power combo will be just what your lashes need for that extra

Lash Lift only        60min|$90

with Eyelash Tint  90min| $110

Lash Tint only       30min|$30 


Lash Removal           30mins |$30

Full Eye Makeup Removal  30min |$30

Extra Lash Time                     30 min| $45